The “About” Page

Hello. I’m Kyle Hubbard. I’m a 29-year-old writer from Edmonton, Alberta. This is my website.

Starting today (Thursday, December 17, 2015), I will be uploading a piece of flash fiction every single day until this day next year. It is my 365-day challenge.

To make things easier, and perhaps more creative, I will be doing a unique sort of writing prompt for fifteen minutes a day. I call it the “hat trick” prompt because I will draw three pieces of paper from a hat. Written on these pieces of paper will be ideas for characters, places, concepts, or items. Once I read the three pieces of paper, I will start a 15-minute timer, and write a piece of flash fiction that incorporates whatever three things I have drawn. 15 minutes only. All my editing and polishing must be in that time. Then I will upload my story for that day. At the bottom of each post, I will write what three things I drew from the hat.

There’s no guarantee of genre, and, in 15 minutes, no guarantee of quality. But it will get my creative mind going and probably inspire lengthier stories in the future.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my stories.

– H.