365-Day Challenge: Highlights

Now that I have finished up my writing prompt challenge, I wanted to go through all my stories and see what came out of it. Naturally, the prompts were all scrappy little first drafts, very loose, but nonetheless there were many that I kind of liked.

For anyone wanting to read through my stories: I understand that 365 flash fictions is a big ask. I had family members tell me I wrote too much to keep up with (funny, considering how long I spent writing versus how long one would spend reading!), and, to be fair, there were only so many worth taking the time to read.

Therefore, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourites, as well as assembled lists that took place in particular genres or shared worlds. While there were many prompts that shared continuity, I’ve only put together the more substantial collections. If there were any more recurring worlds or characters you wanted me to gather and add to this list, let me know in the comments!

The prompts will only be available for a limited time (no, seriously), so read ’em while they’re hot! Here’s a list of titles, links, and story descriptions by favourites, genres, and shared worlds.

Personal Favourites (Regardless of Genre):

One Last Smoke – A John learns that his prostitute is more than she appears.

Born in a Maze – A man is born with a maze-like birthmark and soon finds that all his major life decisions–good and bad–can be traced along the maze.

Rising from the Fall – After a nasty fall that leaves him paralyzed, a broken man finds redemption with a fateful saviour.

The Gym Dwarf – Allen Kaminski always goes to the gym alone at night. Tonight he’s not alone; a very tall dwarf insists on being Allen’s spotter, whether Allen wants him or not.

The Hanging Gardens (Part 1, part 2, part 3, and epilogue. Bonus: Prequel.) –  A boy and a will o’ the wisp team up to escape a magical forest–but the forest has other ideas.

Dreamy Eyes – Bo comes out of the closet just for Geoff, who doesn’t realize he’s on a treasure hunt for the man of his dreams.

A Midnight Dance – A scientist and her lab assistant dance the night away. But does the assistant have a choice?

Hunt Me – Jennifer uses her family’s hunting cabin as a quiet place to paint. Unlike the rest of her family, she hates the very idea of hunting. Someone wants her to change her mind.

Chasing Shadows – In a world where the shadows of the dead continue to walk the Earth, one man chooses to follow the shadow of a hanged criminal.

Sponge or Stone – Allen starts a call-in advice line where people call to give him advice. Sometimes it’s more than he wants to hear.

The Exotic Dish – A woman orders an unfamiliar menu item and begins to suspect she’s been served human flesh.

The Family Tree – Audrey wants to build a complete family tree. But it can only be complete if no one is left to reproduce.

The Jolt vs. The Hanged Man – A self-styled superhero attempts to find a disappearing suicide victim.

Fantasy (Not Including Shared World Stories):

The Hanging Gardens (Part 1, part 2, part 3, and epilogue. Bonus: Prequel.) –  A boy and a will o’ the wisp team up to escape a magical forest–but the forest has other ideas.

Nail Delivery – A mage detective uses divination to find a killer.

Fire At Will – A huntress discovers her quarry is far more dangerous than she ever hoped.

Tooth and Flame – A trucker is stalked by a great winged beast. Can he make it to the city–and safety–in time?

A Fight for Memory – Two young psychics fight in a world of memory. Whoever loses may be forgotten forever–even by themselves.

Red Red Rosecarver – Rose stumbles into a dream world, and only a talking hedge flamingo knows the way out.

The Queen Bee’s Sting – A dying queen listens to the voices of her fallen empire.

The Midnight Star – The dwellers of the Nighthouse face a deadly bringer of light.

The Glowing Mountain – A couple mountaineers see a glimmer on a mountainside. It’s not gold.

Fate’s a Bitch – An assassin of superheroes is contracted to take out a poker game full of superhero sidekicks.

Science Fiction:

Disappearing Stars – A soldier contemplates the futility of ground combatants in an age of space-faring combat.

Narcissistic Self-Destruction – A scientist wants to live ten lives at once, and so makes himself ten clones. Basic math isn’t his strong suit.

Eyes in the Vending Machines – Human consciousness is now able to be uploaded into machines. But not always the most advanced machines.

The Glass World – Privacy is a thing of the past. Good luck trying to hide.

Rechargeable – He can kill with a touch. He has to in order to live. That doesn’t mean he wants to.

Holes in Space – A woman looks down on Earth and wonders why she left.

The Storyteller – When people live as robot surrogates, they forget what they lose in the translation. The Storyteller reminds them.

Family Legacy – A man goes back in time to meet his famed ancestor. Turns out, a legacy can be bought.


Snails in the Sky – It’s raining snails, and Jonesy’s stuck in playground quicksand. His beard is his only hope now.

Sleeping on the Job – A man gets paid to sleep full-time. Sounds great, but what happens after the job is done?

The Girl who Ate Herself for Supper – A young lady refuses to eat her supper and is sent to her room as punishment. Turns out she was hungrier than she thought.

A Queued Chase – While standing in line at a department store, a man realizes that every day he trusts a lot of people not to kill him.

One Last Smoke – A John learns that his prostitute is more than she appears.

Obscura – Two cops pull over a strange-looking VW Bug. It’s a lot stranger on the inside.

Friendship – A lonely girl makes her first friend.

Claustrophobia – A man believes he’s getting too big for his house. His house seems to think he’s just the right size.


Maturity – A man awkwardly attempts to catch the interest of a far younger woman.

Invisible Words in the Sky – A couple lay by a campfire and think about new beginnings.

Death’s Apparition in Converse Sneakers – The gonzo tale of a suicidal mallrat.

The Bluejay Calls – A writer recalls his aunt and her bluejay best friend.

Crash Landing – A child’s first flight on an imaginary rocketship.

Sunspot – After a violet spat, a couple discusses fault.

Fisher of Men – A fisherman relates his life to that of a doomed fish.

Rising from the Fall – After a nasty fall that leaves him paralyzed, a broken man finds redemption with a fateful saviour.

Hand Me Down – An adopted boy realizes his graduation clothes once belonged to his adopted mother’s now-deceased biological son.

Spellslingers (AKA Cowboy Wizards):

Blood Magic – An apprentice cowboy wizard follows an aloof mentor to a dangerous battle.

The Cowboy Wizard’s Tiny Caper – The people of Avernus believe tiny creatures called “fleapeople” are infesting the camp. Spellslinger Antony Magnus is on the case.

Pioneer of Nowhere (Part 1, part 2, and part 3) – Magnus investigates a mysterious map that causes local prospectors to disappear when they follow it.

Four-Eyes – A spellgun duel between two ‘slingers.

The Spellslinger Cometh – A spellslinger’s first trip to Avernus.

The Meta Detective:

The Library of Doors – A girl stumbles into a strange library where there are no books on the gigantic shelves, but doors to other worlds.

The Meta Detective – Two detectives meet. One of them doesn’t belong.

Meta Procedural – The two detectives resolve to solve a crime, even if the methods are a little strange.

A Shortcut to Eagles – Gavin Hume, meta detective, attempts to “solve” The Lord of the Rings early using the deus ex machina known as eagles.

The Fiction of Love – Hume ponders whether love is real or just a storytelling trope.

Facing the Music – Meta detectives venture into many different fictional worlds. This latest one provides a unique challenge.

Silvertooth – Hume and his assistant, Coraline, are invited to dinner. You know what that means. Or at least Hume does.

Stuck in a Rush – Usually the stories Hume ventures into are finished. But sometimes the writer makes a lot of edits.

Villain’s Ball – A very different sort of meta detective introduces himself to the villain of the story.

Sky Trek:

The Tower Between Sea and Sky – Ex-Captain Razo Corbeau sits upon a spire and dreams about returning to the great blue.

To Sail Beneath the Stars – The crew of the Revenant is recruiting. This time for the night shift.

Island of Ice – Landing on flying islands can result in popped ears and a nosebleed. But sometimes the islands are so high up that they freeze over.

Hedgehog Island – Living on a flying island may feel isolating for the residents. Especially if there’s an overpopulation issue.

The Scarred Brothers – Razo’s job is to pretend to be a pirate. His brother doesn’t have to pretend.

To Drown in the Sky – When the Revenant’s blue matter engine springs a leak, Razo has a very hard choice to make.

The Soaring Land – Most flying islands match the Earth’s rotation. This one doesn’t.

The Magic Scholar:

The City of Leeches – A scholar attempts to document the magic systems of the world, only to find himself stuck in a slave city run by life-stealing sorcerers.

Life in the City of Leeches – The scholar begins to plot his escape from the City.

The Scholar and the Pugilist – The scholar believes he should improve his hand-to-hand fighting so as to not always rely on magic. It doesn’t go well.

Mesmerism (Part 1, part 2, and part 3) – The beginnings of the scholar’s skepticism of magic.

The Pillar of the Sea – Our hero finds himself imprisoned once more, this time in a prison for illegal magic users.

Hunter’s Traps (Part 1 and part 2) – The scholar has become the master. And he is hunted for his knowledge.






And that’s it, dear friends. The last of my writing prompt-related posts for the foreseeable future. My next project is a full re-design of Hubwords. I’ll be putting up a portfolio of my best work, and return to blogging rather than flash fiction. I’m excited for what’s to come!

Bring on 2017. (Yes, I know it’s already here.)

– H.

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