The Blind Leading

Most lightbringers could see in any form of light–they could stare directly at the sun for hours with no ill effects. To control light meant mastery of it, including how much of it the eye took in. Lightbringers were only blind in darkness.

Except for Albert the Blind. A born lightbringer, and born blind, Albert had no concept of light or dark the way most people did. He felt light as warmth, darkness as a cold touch. Light was sound, dark was silence. He could feel the shape of the light, and could sense its absence. And so, while lightbringers and darkseekers blind one another with their opposing element, Albert engaged in battle with no weakness of vision–despite his lack thereof.

The others in the Lighthouse felt protective of Albert, even though he trained many of them. They put themselves in front of any battle, with Albert behind them, shielded from danger. But when the rest of the lightbringers marched on the Nighthouse, Albert was the only one left behind. The protected.

But when no one came back, Albert had to venture to the Nighthouse to save them. And unlike the others, the darkness wouldn’t affect him there.






Day 360’s three random writing prompt categories were, “The Lighthouse and the Nighthouse,” “The very last,” and, “The tower.”


– H.

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