Gym Day

Barney grabbed his gym bag with both hands, heaved it onto his wheeler drone and took a small break to catch his breath. If he was smart, he thought, he would just leave the bag on the drone, which incidentally had the shape of a dumbbell but with a flat middle like a desk top. Barney wasn’t smart. He always kicked the bag off the drone so he could use the space to carry his beer to his sitting place when his other two hands were occupied holding a plate of nachos and a plate of salsa, or some other double-dish situation.

If he was smart, he would just leave the gym bag open in his workout space rather than pack it up every time. But he liked to use the space for VR gaming, and he needed the room. No, he wasn’t smart. So he at least wanted to be strong.

After walking alongside the wheeler into his VR room, he moved his VR headset and tapped on his smartphone to order the cameras to look away (he was always anxious about cameras “watching him” while he exercised even though he looked far more ridiculous playing VR games than he ever would lifting weights). With a reasonably empty room before him, he bent down to pick up the gym bag. He wanted to simply kick it off the wheeler but he figured he should be more respectful of his equipment.

He fixed both hands around the straps of the bag and wrapped them around his wrists, breathed, then lifted. He barely managed to get it in the air before yelling breathlessly for the wheeler to go into the kitchen. It did, and he let the bag down with a heavy clang. Barney felt his spine crackle when he straightened back up, and he rolled his sore shoulders. Yeah, he thought, I’m gonna leave this right here from now on.

Looking around for something else to prepare, but finding nothing, Barney backed up and used his phone to unlock his gym bag.

The bag opened up, flattened itself in squares around the floor of the room, and revealed several dumbbells, an extendable hanging bar, a jumprope, a yoga mat, a stepping box, and a towel. Barney looked at each item, considering where he should start. He stretched a bit to limber up. His arms still felt sore.

Maybe lifting the bag was enough for now. It had his whole gym in it, after all. At least he could take a break for some fish and chips, a little bowl of tartar sauce, some vinegar…

He called his wheeler to follow him. He’d need something to carry his beer.






Day 347’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Gym bag,” “High tech, low life,” and, “Fish and chips.”

No technology will cure procrastination.

– H.

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