New Oreo came out today. One layer of cookie inside two layers of icing. Everybody loves it. I don’t. They all stick together in the package rows. You can’t twist them. On a hot day you just get a package of melted icing with cookie discs sticking out here and there. Disgusting. I don’t understand. What was wrong with the old Oreos? Nobody even eats them anymore. They’re thinking of taking them off market, like with Oreo Os. I loved Oreo Os. The cereal? You don’t remember? See, this is what I mean. Bring back Oreo Classic. That’s all I want. Not even triple stuffed. Single stuffed. Seriously.




Day 329’s three random writing prompt categories were, “An Oreo disaster,” “Minimalist,” and, “Younger, better model.”

For real, though. Oreo Os. Gone too soon.

– H.

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