The Red Menace

The technology is remarkable. No seeming propulsion system, invisible screen (if there is one at all), perfect if bizarre simulation of Earth mammals. How the UFO manages to stay in the air, we have no idea. Our scientists are stumped. But that’s not even the weirdest part.

The weirdest part is how we can track the UFO and the alien’s behaviour, and yet somehow it manages to be everywhere on earth at once. We’ve had sightings in Canada, Singapore, China, Peru, Kazakhstan, you name it we’ve heard about it. All the same UFO and alien description, from the aircraft to the actions of the alien.

We’ve attempted to seize the packages the alien has been dropping off, but since this is happening the world over, we can’t possibly gather them all. Civilians are opening the packages as we speak. So far there’s been no disaster, but that makes it all the more suspicious. What are the alien’s motivations? Where did it acquire these objects? How does it fit them all on its aircraft despite the craft being the size of a small car? Are there multiple aliens or is there some kind of mass hallucinogen affecting everyone’s perceptions? After all, you can only observe one alien at a time. Despite multiple sightings all over the world at the same time, you can’t simultaneously observe two aliens at once, not even by camera. Look at one screen, the alien on the second screen disappears. Look at the second screen, it disappears from the first. Our quantum scientists are baffled to the point of lunacy.

What does it want? This level of technology is incomprehensible to us, just as much as its behaviours. It is delivering trinkets and clothes as though humanity were a charity case, a planet of poor barbarians. I can’t help but feel animosity for the visitor, despite it taking on a human appearance. How it looks down on us from its sky chariot, like Helios in a red coat. I hate it. I hate its beard and its laugh and its bizarre flying deer.

We all felt relief when it disappeared upon sunrise. Relieved and nervous. Would it be back? What was its purpose? Where did it go? Will those “gifts” turn out to be harmless after all? We felt like monsters taking presents away from children. But we had to keep them safe.

Worst of all? The visitor arrived on the presumed birth of Christ. Now the religious nuts are going, well, nuts. It’s the rapture, they say, but none have been taken. No, the creature didn’t take anything. Only gave. I hope to God it never comes back.




Day 325’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Santa Claus,” “Barbarian,” and, “An alien race.”

 The concept of Santa is pretty damn weird. If He turned out to be real, I’m not sure the sanity of humanity would survive.

Sanity of Humanity is my next band name.

– H.

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