Everything’s a cure and everything’s a poison.
Look it up. Look at the benefits! New research!
Also cancer.
Donate for cancer research.
Donating gives you cancer.
Cancer is all natural!
Doing good is doing evil.
Saving is killing.
Everybody is in the middle,
but everybody thinks everybody else
is on a polar end.
You’re an extreme,
I’m a moderate. I’m the wee bear,
sweet and innocent and just right.
I see you in my bed, bellyful of porridge.
It was made for me. All of it.
You’re too hot. Or too cold.
(I haven’t decided yet.)
You don’t belong in the middle.
No one belongs here but me.




Day 319’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Written as a poem,” “An all-natural remedy,” and, “Accidental poetry.”

Amusing combination.

– H.

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