Time Travel Pharmacist

There are a million ways to exploit time travel for profit, but most of them require at least some waiting. Jax didn’t like waiting. Why have a time machine if you still have to wait for what you want? So here was his get-rich-quick time travel plan:

He would bring back modern medicines to eras where cures and vaccines were desperately needed, and he would sell said medicines for vast profit. Many were over-the-counter fare, so he could acquire them at minimal cost. Once he made money, he would advance time to the transition of one currency to the next, exchange his almost-outdated moneys for new moneys, skip to the next currency transition, and do the same over and over until acquiring legal tender for his time period. Sure, he could have kept the old money and sold it as collectors’ material, perfectly preserved, but that would require seeking out an appraiser and finding a buyer, etc., which required waiting.

That was his plan. He made his first trip to the wild west to sell small pox vaccines, was accused of being a snake oil salesman, and was promptly shot in the gut.

There are a million ways to exploit time travel for profit. This was not one of the better ones.




Day 310’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Time travel,” “A natural remedy,” and, “A get-rich-quick scheme.”

Been watching too much WestWorld.

– H.

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