Word Salad

i don’t know how to write poetry
i just toss a word salad
and add paragraph breaks

for beats

and make most of my lines start with and
have arbitrary indentation

And sometimes I capitalize
and sometimes i don’t
ill forget apostrophes and punctuation
and allow a lot of alliteration

i keep my rhyme scheme rather loose
because every time that i rhyme
i feel like doctor fucking seuss

i just don’t know how to write poems
i like them for a night and loathe them in the morning

It’s a series of one-night stands
and waking up out of love.
(this is a metaphor)

in the morning i try to   f i x   t h e m
but it’s NEVER RIGHT

editing is like trying to change your lover
into someone you’re happy loving

AND maybe that makes me shallow,
but I don’t think that I am—
if i were shallow
i might actually care




Day 308’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Written as a poem,” “Traditional,” and, “For the sake of it.”

Man, doing indentations in WordPress is too complicated to bother.

– H.

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