Forest for Trees

Tyson sat down in the forest and listened to the birds. They twittered and sang into his ear and he was at peace. He looked at the blue sky, clouds passing lazily, the purest white. And everywhere, trees, tall and ancient. He breathed in but the air wasn’t the same. At least everything else felt good.

He moved forward and found a stream of rushing water. He reached for it and water cascaded off his hand even though he didn’t feel the coldness or the wetness of it. He imagined it, though. Fresh and bracing. There were no sounds but the water and the birds. He didn’t want to leave. He could feel a hand at his arm but he didn’t want to leave.

At last, roughly, the helmet was lifted off his head. His eyes rejected the sudden change from screen to reality and flashed an instant pain like an ice cream headache. He was back in his bedroom, surrounded by glowing screens and the sound of the cars on the streets and the TV downstairs and the music on his iPod dock.

“You’re late for school,” his mother said, holding his VR helmet in her hand. “One minute till the bus gets here.”

He wished his school was in a forest. It was downtown.





Day 298’s three random writing prompt categories were, “High tech, low life,” “A forest world,” and, “The very last.”

Soon we’ll be escaping to virtual worlds to get away from screens. How does that make you feel?

– H.

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