Food for Thought

Jefferson Carlisle had a disease that made him run out of thoughts when he was hungry. He would simply stop thinking, and begin operating on animal instinct. He would seek out food, sex, and power, and by the time he ate and was no longer hungry, his thoughts would return with no recollection of what he had been previously doing.

This often got him into trouble. He’d come to during breakfast and walk into his room to find a random woman in his bed, happy to see him even though he hadn’t ever seen them before. He’d find bruises and cuts on his face and hands and sometimes unconscious rivals out cold on the floor. Explaining his affliction left people with confusion. He always seemed like he knew what he was doing. In fact, he was far more industrious during his trances–at least as it concerned getting into fights, getting laid, or finding food. He was swift and efficient in accomplishing his goals–more charming, more aggressive–much more so than the wishy-washy, timid person he was when fully conscious.

Even so, the fact that he never remembered his adventures bothered him. So he took to hard boiling eggs and carrying them with him everywhere in ziploc bags just in case he needed to snack to keep himself from going hungry and losing his thoughts.The eggs had the added benefit of making him smell, warding people away from picking fights or flirting with him.

Hard boiled eggs were his brain food. Everyone called him Egghead. And secretly, they liked him better hungry.




Day 295’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Hard boiled,” “Food for thought,” and, “A natural remedy.”

Do you ever worry that you’ll one day just run out of thoughts?

– H.

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