Vampires of the Sea

Merpeople were once all fish, but they loved the magic tricks of the surface dwellers so much they evolved hands to amuse themselves–and with them, the whole human torso. It was a survival mechanic, because now they could entertain sailors and children with their prestidigitation and their mersongs long enough to get them close.

And, naturally, when they were close, the merpeople would take them underwater.

Forget the stories you hear of mermaid love or kisses allowing you to breathe underwater. All stories told by merpeople in order to get themselves another meal. The siren song and the Neptune’s daughters were half-cannibals, because they ate their victims before they could begin to drown.

The truth is, mermaids evolved from Jurassic piranhas. They evolved to sing, to have long, slender arms, and thick merhair. They are lovely. They are deadly. They are the vampires of the sea.




Day 290’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Prestidigitation,” “Shanty,” and, “An underwater society.”

My girlfriend thinks the mermaid and the kid from On Stranger Tides were in love, but what I saw was a mermaid pulling a human underwater and the scene cutting away. I think it’s open to interpretation.

– H.

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