Orange You Glad

James spilled a dollop of cheez whiz on his yPhone 6X and the screen started acting funny, by which I mean it changed all the people in his photos and videos orange.

He went to the Orange Store to get it repaired. The place always made him cringe. Full of orange-clad “Masterminds” and fanatic hipsters with their oldschool Mandarin t-shirts and yMan Wind laptops under their arms. James wanted to switch to a Cyborg phone just to avoid coming here, but his phone plan wasn’t paid up yet, so he was stuck.

“How can I help you?” smiled a Mastermind.

“Dropped some cheez whiz on my yPhone,” James said, showing the ‘mind his screen. “Now all the people in my phone appear orange.”

“Even black people?” the Mastermind asked.

James was taken aback. “What?”

“Like, all  people? Or just white people?”

“I don’t… Why does it matter?”

“Could be a colour tone thing.” The Mastermind suddenly frowned. “I’m not racist.”

“Neither is my phone,” James said. “It sees everyone as the same colour: orange.”

“Maybe that’s a better world.”

James shrugged. “For the Orange Store maybe.”






Day 286’s three random writing prompt categories were, “A dollop,” “Orange,” and, “The latest, greatest phone.”

Yeah, I … I dunno.

– H.

2 thoughts on “Orange You Glad

  1. I actually think it is a really pertinent point: is a color-blind world what we should aim for in racial equality? Or should we fight discrimination while valuing what makes use different and unique?

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