Jungle Cat

Lucy made friends with a freckled cat.

She found it in the little forest next to her elementary school. It was a wee thing, curiously following a squirrel.Lucy liked taking a little self-made forest path when she went home because it reminded her of storybook adventures. When she saw the kitten she stopped in her tracks and watched closely. It was looking up hopelessly at a chittering squirrel that had just ascended a tree in escape. When the kitten finally spotted Lucy it shrunk back into the hollow of a fallen tree.

Not wanting to scare away the cute kitten with its funny freckles, Lucy dug out her half-eaten lunch sandwich, removed the chicken, and tossed it towards the tree hollow. After a quiet moment, the kitten emerged, pawing at the meat, and then gobbling it up. Lucy approached the kitten, who sniffed suspiciously at the girl while licking its chops, and picked it up, cradling it in her arms. It rumbled a half-purr half-growl and she tickled its little white belly. The freckled cat curled its tail and yawned, its long pink tongue curling like a hot wheels track.

Lucy thought about taking Freckles home, but knew her dad was allergic to cats. So instead, she wrapped the kitten in her hoodie for warmth, and rested the bundle back in the tree hollow where she found it.

The next day was a Saturday, and she went to the pet store to buy cat toys, cat food, and cat nip. She returned to the little forest and looked all over for Freckles. At last, she heard it mewling sadly, not far from the torn-up hoodie next to the tree hollow. Lucy picked Freckles up and placed it on the hoodie again, scooping some food out of the cat food can and dumping it in a little bowl. She then squirted some water from her water bottle into another bowl. She scattered the toys around, and sprinkled the catnip over the hoodie. Freckles was pleased indeed.

Back home, Mom and Dad were conversing animatedly over the latest news report regarding an escaped cheetah cub from a zoo transport. There was no way the cub would survive, they agreed, even if it was never found. It was simply too small to feed itself.






272’s three random writing prompt categories were, “A great escape,” “Freckles,” and, “The dark forest.”

I read enough Calvin and Hobbes to want this exact situation to happen to me.

– H.

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