A Day in the Life

After she woke up, she was groggy, sore, and exhausted. She blinked many times. As the morning went on, things began making sense, and she felt better, more whole, and she blinked less. At noon, she was strong, she stood tall, and she barely needed to blink because she had all the energy in the world. It wasn’t until the afternoon that she wished she had time to blink more. But everything demanded her attention–people, tasks, goals. In the evening, she had everything taken care of, and she blinked longer, slower. She moved with a sluggishness that nearly matched her morning self. She was free to blink her time away, because she had seen all she needed to see–not enough, but all she needed. And as the day waned into night, her eyelids grew too heavy to lift, and at last they closed, an eternal blink, a blink for all time.



Day 255’s three random writing prompt categories were, “C’est la vie,” “Don’t blink,” and, “The World.”

It all goes by so fast.

– H.

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