Sky on Fire

Everyone kept their eyes down. No one was supposed to look at the thing in the sky.

If you looked, you were punished, and the effect was immediate. This wasn’t something that needed to be taught. All you had to do was look up, and you knew why no one looked. Just keep your eyes straight. You’ll be safe.

To look is hubris. Who are you to gaze upon a god? It gives life, it takes life. Its power helps us thrive, but too much power will blind us, burn us, give us disease, sap the moisture from our flesh. We must hide. We must hide.




Day 252’s three random writing prompt categories were, “The Sun” (again), “A blind eye turned,” and, “Hubris.”

Try not to think too hard about the fact that there’s a giant thing in the sky you’re not supposed to look at.

– H.

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