Over Encumbered

It happened. It finally happened. The end was no longer nigh. It was here.

The seas were burying the coasts. The sun was scorching the living. The air could only be taken in slowly, calmly. But what killed everyone wasn’t simply the water and the fire and the air. It was the looting. The smart ones left long ago, leaving their belongings behind, and the scavengers followed at their own pace, collecting money, phones, gadgets, clothes as they went. Weighing them down with useless toys and meaningless coins.

Too long they spent in the heat. Too exhausted to take in small gulps of air. They crumbled with their bags of gold and burnt black in the sun.

You won’t be buried with your riches, but the world will.




Day 236’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Hold this,” “Gold,” and, “During the apocalypse.”

Don’t be materialistic, kids.

– H.

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