A Choice of Eternities

“Heaven or hell? Which would you prefer?”

“Is that a trick question? Or are you asking if I’m religious?”

“No no. This has nothing to do with religion. Purely philosophical. We can’t ask about religion anyway.”

“It’s definitely an unorthodox question, whatever the case.”

“You don’t have to answer if you are uncomfortable with it.”

“I’m not uncomfortable with it. I mean, I just can’t see why I wouldn’t say heaven.”

“Not everyone might.”

“No? Paradise versus eternal torture?”

“‘Eternal’ being the operative word. Not for a hundred years or a million or a billion gazillion. Eternal. Never-ending. You don’t think paradise would get boring after a while?”

… “Okay, maybe. But I still imagine it would be better than hell.”

“It speaks to what kind of person you are. Do you enjoy a pampered, easy life, or a life of challenge?”

“I see where this is going now. Yeah, I like challenge, but I’m not sure torture is challenge.”

“Under long-term extreme conditions, you develop methods of making the difficulties easier. Perhaps you could find places to run or hide from the demons of hell. The thrill of the chase. Perhaps you could find ways of overcoming your captors. After all, you have all eternity to do so. Maybe the first few centuries would be torment, but that means nothing in the face of infinity.”


“So you would prefer heaven, then?”

“It’s starting to seem like the wrong answer. But I guess I’ve never put enough thought into the whole eternity thing. Seems like a raw deal, heaven or hell.”

“Agreed. No one likes to stagnate. Now, where do you see yourself in five years?”




Day 237’s three random prompt categories were, “Is it Heaven? Or Hell?” “Best example,” and, “Everything hyperbole.”

Trying to think too hard about eternity will drive you crazy. Trust me.

– H.

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