Beneath the Arc

The rainbow still hadn’t disappeared.

I didn’t expect it would. It was still there at night, even if I couldn’t see it. Flash a light up into the sky and you’d get a glimpse of the roy g biv. How far did it go? The end of Edmonton? The end of the world?

Ring ring, went my alarm clock. Follow, follow. Stop sleeping. Up and at em. Follow. Ring. Follow.

I passed under the arc. It felt like I was directly below it, as impossible as that sounds. It was straight above me, unlike most rainbows, which always have the same distant angle.

A woman next to me followed my gaze.

“Can’t believe it’s still here,” she said, eyes to the sky.

“It’s been weeks,” I said.

“Are you following it?”


“Lots of people are doing that now. Don’t know what they expect to find at the end. Gold, I suppose.”

“Sometimes people just want something to follow.”

“Is that why you’re chasing the rainbow?”

I shook my head. “It’s more complicated than that.”


“Yeah.” I didn’t want to clarify that I was chasing it because an alarm clock I bought rang every time I stopped following.


I looked down at her. She was clean–I don’t mean that in a … I mean, she wasn’t like me. She was a normal person. A middle-classer. 9-5er. Her clothes and hair were washed. She had money. I was a bum. A hobo. My clothes rarely changed, and only when I washed them in the river. I hadn’t shampooed in months. People like her didn’t talk to people like me.

“John,” I said. Not my real name. I don’t know why I didn’t give her my real name.

“Mind if I follow you?”


“Everybody needs something to follow,” she said. There was something in her eyes. No, an absence. A loss.

“Sure,” I said.

And together we followed the rainbow.





Day 225’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Chasing a rainbow,” “On the road again,” and, “The world”

Been a while since the previous chapter of this story!

– H.

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