Brain Food

Johan burned books. And ate them. Food for thought.

He liked thrillers with HP sauce, horrors with Chianti, poems with a side of salad, and romances with extra pepper. Naturally he had to burn them first–he rarely ate them raw, for the sake of his health and digestion. Sometimes he folded whole books over a spit and slow-roasted them, sometimes he would coat page by page with butter and sear them on a pan. That chewy texture, that inky aftertaste! He sometimes peeled the bookskins off with a knife, sometimes he left them to coat the flesh.

Delicious, delicious knowledge. He learned so much with every meal. Harrowing epics, fascinating histories, ripping yarns.

Burn the books. Eat the books. Learn the books.

It was the only way, after his eyes and ears were lost.




Day 221’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Food for thought,” “A special book,” and, “Setting fire.”

I don’t even know with this one.

– H.

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