Cowboy Wizards Go

Devin bought the latest, greatest phone for the sole purpose of playing Cowboy Wizards Go, a GPS-enhanced mobile game. The game involved walking around the real world watching through your phone screen for signs of bandits, monsters, Pox (living zombie creatures), and other cowboy wizards. Tap on enough of them (to blast them with your spells), you get new spell bullets for your cowboy wizard avatar, which let you blast more powerful enemies, which give you better spells, etc. etc.

The game was a worldwide craze. Out on the streets, people roamed with their eyes locked on their phones (more than usual), eagerly searching for more enemies to give up their sweet, sweet magics. People took pictures of themselves posing with Pox by using the AR camera, posting the results all over social media. People played while driving. They played while crossing the road. They played while getting into accidents.

And Devin played, too. She barely noticed the man in front of her get plowed by the skidding car–there was a nearby level 15 Pox to take care of. But when a spatter of blood blinded her screen, she looked up. She wished she hadn’t.

The man in the car frantically tapped at his phone to get it to exit Cowboy Wizards Go so he could call an ambulance. The victim’s cell was still in hand, bright and awake despite its owner being unconscious, a menacing cowboy wizard on screen. Gradually, the screen faded. Then it turned black.

Devin looked around her. Nobody screamed. Nobody threw up. Nobody called the police. They were looking at their phones, faces blank. The Pox weren’t the living zombies. Everyone else was.

She looked down at her phone. A Pox monster growled and fired shots at her with its crude sixgun, only slightly obscured by blood. Her thumb hovered over the monster by instinct. One good ice bullet would take care of it. Blast its brains out. Splash its blood all over. Put it out of its misery.

In front of her, the car was dented. On the scalp of the victim, silver paint shone amidst a splotch of blood and wettened hair.

Devin put her brand new phone away, smearing the blood into the inside of her pockets. She went home and uninstalled Cowboy Wizards Go. Then she lived her life.



Day 217’s three random prompt categories were, “The latest, greatest phone,” “Living zombies,” and, “Cowboy wizards.”

All told, I’d go nuts for Cowboy Wizards Go.

– H.

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