The Joneses liked to play tennis in the rain. No one knew why.

“Thought it was a trick of the light, seeing that tennis ball flying back and forth,” said Mrs. Norris. “A green porch light flashing in the rain. But no. There they were–tennis skirt, tennis shoes, headbands, the whole shebang.”

“A bizarre habit,” said Mr. Foster. The Norrises and the Fosters were having tea while the rain began to drizzle. “S’pose they’ll be out there again soon.”

“Still calm yet,” said Mrs. Foster, looking out the kitchen window of the Fosters’ house. Across the street, they could partially see into the Joneses’ backyard. “They only play when it storms.”

“Do they?” asked Mrs. Norris. “Yes, I suppose they do, eh.”

Mr. Norris made a noncommittal grunt and sipped his coffee. He didn’t much care what the Joneses did or didn’t do, in the rain or otherwise.

“I think it’s over for those two.” Mrs. Norris was just putting to words what (she thought) everyone else was thinking.

“There they go,” said Mr. Foster.

Across the street, the Joneses were stepping out of their house, dressed all in white tennis gear, rackets in hand, along with a tube of tennis balls. They spotted their neighbours and waved. The Norrises and the Fosters waved back with big wide smiles that disappeared the second the Joneses did. Between the roar of thunder: Pock. Pock. Pock.

Day 194’s three random prompt categories were: “Tennis,” “The calm before the storm,” and, “Trick of the light.”

Doing anything is more fun when it’s in the rain(?)!

– H.

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