Destiny Without Destination

Joan made a map, outlining her plans three steps ahead. Always three steps. She never had a destination in mind, only a journey. A destination would ruin the map.

Currently she was working as a barista in a French town called Limoges. She played Bob Dylan and served overpriced lattes because that was part of the journey. It was on the map: Be a barista in a small French town and play Bob Dylan and serve expensive lattes. This was a good place to be. But it was not her destination. She had three more steps. Always three more steps.

She moonlighted as a freelance investigative reporter, because that was the next step. A lot of stories from her French patrons inspired her. She investigated, and wrote their stories, and thought of more steps–but no more than three at a time.

Soon she was done being a barista and a reporter. She had to make room. The steps left imprints on her soul, but they had to be steps. If she stood in them too long, they were a destination. And she had no destination. Only a map to nowhere.

Day 184’s three prompt categories were, “A map to nowhere,” “Bob Dylan,” and, “A barista.”

Interesting life plan. I bet I could write a cheesy self-help bestseller with this.

– H.

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