Quitting Time

It was my last day in this hive of meat. I was already checked out in my mind. Walking past office drones, chittering away with their insect speech in the form of keyboard clacks and smartphone taps. Such a weird little buzz-bee world, office life.

There was nothing for me here. Routine daily duties. Spreadsheets and reports. Sitting in meetings where nothing was said. My shoulder looked over by people vaguely justifying their jobs. Watching the clock, thinking about how many hours, minutes, seconds until my next break, my lunch, coffee, home.

“See you tomorrow!” said my cubicle neighbour, Fred.

“You bet, bud!” I heard myself say.

No. It was my last day. Of the hive. The meat. My last day. Might as well be the world’s last day.

Day 176’s three random writing prompt categories were, “The very last,” “Hive,” and, “Meat.”

Really cheery prompt, today.

– H.

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