The Very Best

Best-Man discovered a solution to the world’s energy crisis: PB&J. He did some science and found a way to synthesize the combination of chemicals unique to PB&J into a self-renewing energy source, somehow. Using this information, he developed a flight system for his costume, and even used PBJ-E to fix the damage caused to his lair by his latest inventions. Also, make his Best-Ment completely wireless.

He also decided to use this revolutionary technology to fight crime, rather than let the world use it to fix real problems.

With PBJ-E fumes beaming out of his boots, he took off into the sky, flying low enough that the citizens could see how he was the best at flying, for real. Just look at him up there! they would say. Wow! I sure wish I could fly too!

But they couldn’t. Only Best-Man could fly.

Because he was the best.

There! A crime was occurring at a This City Bank. But Blind-Man was already there! The blind superhero, clad in his trademark garish pinks, purples, checkered plaids and stripes and polka dots. Robbers were fleeing the scene, ski masks over their heads, duffel bags in hand, while Blind-Man chased in their general direction, swinging his cane wildly and striking numerous passing citizens.

This was a job for Best-Man.

He landed perfectly in a three-point superhero pose before winding back his right arm–the one with the PPJ-E-powered Power Glove, and launched a metal fist straight into Blind-Man’s dumb blind eye. Blind-Man, who somehow didn’t see the attack coming, was knocked cold.

“Jesus!” said one of Blind-Man’s victims while massaging a small cane-related bruise on her arm. “You didn’t need to give him a fucking concussion!”

“All in a day’s work, citizen,” said Best-Man with a sparkling smile. Then he took off again into the sky, the best superhero in the world.

“What about the robbers?” asked a citizen, new to This City.

“Best-Man is the best thing that ever happened to them,” said a local.

Day 174’s three random prompt categories were, “PB&J,” “Home repair,” and, “Human flight.”

Oh Best-Man. You scamp.

– H.

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