Day 163: The Jolt Meets Detective Mom

When The Jolt was finished throwing up, she called the police.

As it turned out, there was a great pit in The Jolt’s backyard filled with human bones and covered again with dirt. When exactly this happened, The Jolt didn’t know. It might have been when she was on vacation in Banff, and until she adopted her dog, Kick, she had no way of knowing the bones were there. At any rate, the police had a lot of questions for her.

The head of the case, a woman amusingly named Detective Mom, pointed out that people probably thought The Jolt was an odd one, dressing up in a superhero costume and patrolling her neighbourhood.

“I’ve done good for this community,” The Jolt said.

“I’ve heard,” said Detective Mom with a rather motherly smile. “Not many people perform citizen’s arrests. We’ve charged several of your, let’s say, villains. You’re a bit of a legend in the station.”

She was being kind, The Jolt thought. She was probably a big joke. But Mom sounded sincere enough.

“You’ve probably made a few enemies, too,” Mom pointed out.

“I’ve had a few repeat, as you said, villains.”

“Any you think might have done this?”

The Jolt spent a lot of time wondering that. “It depends on who the bones belong to, and if they’re real.”

Mom hummed in a noncommittal way. The bones were real, The Jolt thought, but Mom didn’t want to say. Maybe she thought she’d be traumatizing The Jolt by saying so.

“Care to list the names?” Mom asked, handing The Jolt a pad of paper and a pen.

The Jolt complied. However, she didn’t think any of her “villains” were murderers. Pranksters, dog-nappers, heartbroken men–and one wannabe viking warrior, but he was an outlier, and more of a self-styled “warrior” than a serial killer.

No. This was something new. An urban legend come true. The bone taker.

“I want to help you solve this case,” said The Jolt, handing back the notebook.

“This isn’t a minor misdemeanor,” said Mom. “This is a murderer.”

“You said yourself that I have clout at the station. I want to help–in any way I can.”

Mom pursed her lips. She looked out the window to the backyard, where forensics were still digging up bones from the seemingly bottomless pit. It would take a long time for The Jolt to repair her yard.

“Then let’s get started,” said Detective Mom to The Jolt.

Today’s three prompt categories were, “Home repair,” “A bottomless pit,” and, “The Jolt.”

Finally! A team-up! This one will be continued.

– H.

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