The Great Locker Heist

Word round the class was that Mr. Roy kept all his exam answer sheets in a student locker, and I aimed to break in.

Not for me. School was a breeze for me–except for all the social parts. Didn’t get on with my classmates, and the teachers had some inherent hatred and bitterness towards me. Maybe it was ’cause I always asked questions, and they rarely seemed to have the answers. Google was a lot more reliable, but if I had to be in school, I wanted to get as much education out of it as I could.

Anyway, even though I could ace most any test, I couldn’t do much to help my classmates without studying with every one of them, and none of them seemed interested in that. Too much work, I guess. They were used to Google, too, and instant answers. So what better way to make friends than give them some instant answers?

I followed Mr. Roy out of the classroom, dodging behind students and locker doors to keep out of sight. Eventually he went to a hall of the school that was rarely visited. I couldn’t watch him too closely without revealing myself, but I did catch the locker he was using.

When he closed the locker and started heading back in my direction, I had to dash down some stairs to avoid him. He would have noticed me–with my super red hair and his fathomless hatred for me in particular–so I couldn’t let myself get spotted.

After hiding in the boys’ washroom for a second, I was in the clear. I returned to the locker I saw Mr. Roy open and examined the lock. A standard model, no different from all the student ones. Just needed to know the combination. It would take far too long to brute force it, and I hadn’t yet mastered the listening-closely-for-the-click trick.

The final number was 37. Just needed the first two. I grabbed the lock and, to my surprise, it popped open. Mr. Roy didn’t lock it in properly!

I removed the lock and looked around. Nobody but students with their noses in their phones. I opened the locker and found a series of sheets labelled with test names, most of which we’d already done–except for one. This was it. The final exam answers! I wouldn’t need to use them myself, but the others…

After looking around again, I took a photo of the sheet with my phone. Too risky taking it away from the locker. When I was done, I placed the exams back in place, closed the locker, and locked it–for real this time.

And then it occurred to me… this was almost too easy. No heist movie was this straightforward. I wondered if I was being set up. But I saw no teacher nearby, and they couldn’t just take my phone and look through my pictures in case I had any nudes or anything.

Maybe the answers were all wrong, and Mr. Roy hoped to find some cheaters? I wouldn’t put it past him. He was a bitter, hateful man.

What could I do? If I gave the answers to the others, and they turned out to be wrong, they’d hate me all the more, and probably rat me out to Mr. Roy to boot. I couldn’t possibly know whether they were right or not until after taking the test.

Maybe this was Mr. Roy’s plan all along. That fat bastard…

Or maybe I was the bitter, hateful one.



Day 141’s three prompt categories were, “Unnecessary hatred and bitterness,” “Locker combination,” and, “A MacGuffin.”

Quite an existential crisis for a grade schooler.

– H.


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