Day 132: The Long Road to Shore

Swimming had become Jacob’s insatiable vice. Ever since his older brother taught him to swim, the two of them would find any swimming pool or body of water in any given area and race each other to the first splash. They would dunk the boys and splash the girls and swim farther and deeper than their parents would ever allow.

When Jacob was nine years old, he jumped off his grandfather’s speedboat in the middle of Moswa Lake. By the time his grandfather realized he was missing, Jacob was too far away to see.

With no life jacket and nothing to latch on to, Jacob swam for two hours straight to get to shore, ducking his head under the water whenever he caught sight of his grandfather’s speedboat coming in search of him. It was the greatest swimming challenge Jacob ever faced, and he made it. His brother called him an idiot, but Jacob knew he was envious.

Two years later, his brother tried the same trick, but he never made it back.



Today’s three prompt categories were, “Death in the family,” “Speedboat!” and, “Insatiable vice.”

A spontaneous prologue to another story of mine. Poor Jacob. I’m sorry you’re a protagonist of mine. I’m really not very nice to my protags.

– H.

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