Day 119: A Boy and His Wisp

“Hello! Is anyone there?”

“Please. Anybody…”

“Are you lost?”

“Ah! Who–who said that?”

“I’m lost too. But I have nowhere to go.”

“That light. You’re… You’re a will o’ the wisp! I’ve heard stories about you.”

“About my sisters. They’re gone now.”

“The stories say that you’re all tricksters. That you lead people deeper into the forest and put them in danger.”

“Danger, yes. Adventure, too.”

“I don’t want an adventure. I want to go home.”

“All boys want adventure.”

“Not me. I want to go home. So don’t get any ideas. I’m not following you anywhere.”

“I don’t want to lead you. I was hoping…”


“No. It’s nothing. I’ll just leave.”


“What were you going to say? What were  you hoping for?”

“I was hoping … you could lead me out of the forest.”

“You want to leave the forest? I thought wisps lived deep in the heart of the–”

“No more. I am the last.”

“You are?”

“You cannot know how hard it is to glow in the blackness of the forest heart. The darkness… weighs on you. Like pushing back against a room that’s shrinking on all sides. Eventually you get tired. Eventually… you go out.”

“I’m sorry. About your sisters.”


“Okay. I’ll help you.”

“Yes, really! We both want the same thing, right? To get out of the forest? Just wait till you get to the village! It’s always sunny, and when it’s not we put on a great big fire. There’s always light. No more weight on your … round, glowing shoulders.”


“Truly. My name is Rainfall. People call me Rain. What’s your name?”

“That’s not really… I mean, I can’t really say that. It sounds like a whistle, or a jingle, or someone singing from far away. I don’t know if I can do that. How about I call you Will.”


“It’s a boy’s name, but people think Rain is a girl’s name, so it’s okay.”

“Will. I’m Will.”

“Nice to meet you, Will. Now, do you know a way out of the forest?”

“I’ve never left.”

“Then we’ll find a way out together. Right?”




Today’s random writing prompt categories were, “Wisp,” “The very last,” and, “All dialog.”

I was a little limited by the “All dialog” prompt, but I really like the little world I’ve made. That said, a forest boy and his tiny glowing friend sounds really familiar…

– H.


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