Day 113: The Seedy Underbelly

“There are seeds in the jam,” said Jess. “Seeds.”

“What kind of jam is it?” Heather asked. She was watching X Files.

“It’s not fucking seed jam, let me tell you.”

Heather didn’t respond. On the screen, Mulder was believing in something.

“It’s strawberry,” said Jess. She pouted at her slice of white toast, which was divided in half between smooth peanut butter and seedy strawberry jam.

“Well there you go,” said Heather. Her eyes were on the screen and she never turned around to look at Jess in the kitchen.

“There I go what?”

“Strawberries have seeds.”

“No they don’t.”

“Then how do they grow?”

“Shut up. Look at this.”

Jess padded around the divider between the kitchen and the living room and handed Heather the toast.

Heather said, “Huh.”

“Hold it,” said Jess.

“I can see it.”

Hold it.”

Heather grabbed the edge of the toast with her fingertips. Despite her effort, some crumbs fell onto the couch.

“Look at how goddamned seedy this goddamned PB and J is. Those are not strawberry seeds. Who knows what kind of seeds those are.”

“You’re right,” said Heather, looking closely at all the sesame seed-sized seeds in the gooey red jam. “This is suspicious. What jam company?”

“Wild… Wild Style? Wild Something.”

“Sounds like Wild Something Jammery has a seedy underbelly.”

“Fuck you. Fuck you!”

“Come on. That was great.”

“I thought you were serious. I thought you were going to say it was a conspiracy.”

“The truth about jam is out there, dearest Jessica.”

“Shut up. Just shut up and give me back my toast.”

“Look: if you eat it with seeded bread, you’ll be fine.”

No. Smooth bread. Smooth butter. Smooth jam. That’s the rule. That’s all I ask. Why is the world so unfair?”

“It sure is a jam shame.”

Heather spent the following half hour washing peanut butter and seeds out of her hair.



Today’s three prompt categories were, “Hold this,” “PB&J,” and, “The seedy underbelly.”

In the sequel, the tiny pod people attack.

P.S., There was a slight delay in  getting to this prompt. I will include a second prompt today to compensate and make sure I’m still on track for my days. I apologize for the wait.

– H.


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