Day 110: XTREME Mage Force!

In the year 199X, humanity evolves! Or so it would seem

Only about .0001% of the population truly changes. Extreme, badassful powers manifest in everyday citizens (just like you!). That’s right, intrepid reader–evolution has finally arrived, and it’s even more awesome than we ever imagined!

As though overnight, thousands of people across the world awaken to their magical abilities! Most of them are teenagers, because it’s sort of like puberty. But they could be any teenager. And that thought scares most normal people, like bullies and parents.

It isn’t long before some no-goodnicks use their new powers for evil, and the rest of the population gets scared. And when the masses get scared, the minorities suffer! Minorities like mages–but other minorities too, like with different skin colours and stuff. But in this case, mostly mages are the focus.

So yeah! The president creates a specialized elite task force of mage hunters to find and eliminate the mages of the world, even if they’re innocent! And even though some mages (like the radical Mage Force) fight for good and justice, the mage hunters still perform their duties without hesitation.

Most mages hide their abilities, so as not to be arrested (or WORSE). Only those who “come out of the wardrobe” (as it’s called) are typically targeted. Whether they’re a part of the Mage Force or the Coalition of Evil Mages or an innocent, the mage hunters use all the specialized black ops hypertech handed to them by the president himself to get the job done, and they won’t rest until every last trace of the newly-evolved humans have been eliminated from the face of the Earth!

Stay tuned to find out what happens next!



Today’s three random prompt categories were, “Mage hunters,” “Human evolution,” and, “XTREME.”

I imagined this as a Liefield-esque comic book from the early 90s. Big shoulder pads, lots of pouches, no feet–that kinda thing.

Of course, I never actually read those comics when I was a kid. But, you know. Imagination!

– H.


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