Day 108: Chew

The one-legged man posted dozens of things for sale on Kijiji all at once–clothes, shoes, electronics, music albums, kitchen supplies, jewelry, etc., asking all buyers to come to the house and make an offer. He posted the address right there.

Dozens of people showed up. Mainly young people moving into their first place, and a few people who clearly just wanted to buy things cheap to turn around and sell at a higher price. Alex, the one-legged man, didn’t care.

He held a plate with several slabs of meat on it, nodding a price agreement to almost anything that was offered. The money piled up, even though the prices got smaller and smaller the more people realized he’d accept next to nothing. All the while he noshed on that meat, making everyone uncomfortable, but not so uncomfortable that they wouldn’t take advantage of his madness. They all had an idea what was really happening. At least, part of it.

And their suspicions were realized when Alex’s wife came home and screamed at everyone to get out of her house. Most of them stayed, looking at Alex.

“I hired a P.I.,” said the one-legged man, stripping a piece of meat with his teeth and chewing it with his mouth open.

The colour drained from his wife’s face.

“Alex,” she said, “I–Jesus, what the fuck happened to your leg?”

Alex didn’t answer. He just watched her, chewing on the meat. Masticating. Nosh nosh, mash mash, squish squish, swallow. He had betrayal in his eyes, but nothing else. He married a man-eater. He should have known what would happen. And he did, and it did. And now he just wanted to know how man tasted.

Nosh nosh, mash mash, squish squish, swallow.



Today’s three random writing prompt categories were, “Being cheated on,” “Everything is for sale,” and, “Autocannibalism.”

I did my best with what I was given.

– H.

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