Day 107: Silvertooth

The man with the silver tooth smiled, and Gavin Hume saw his reflection in the silver.

“Thanks for stopping by,” Silvertooth said. “I’ll have to have you over for dinner sometime.”

Coraline said, “Thanks!” and made to leave the man’s house. Hume hesitated.

“Are you a cannibal?” he asked Silvertooth.

Sivertooth’s silvery smile vanished. Then it reappeared with a laugh. “What a strange question,” he said.

“Uh, yeah,” said Coraline, glaring at Hume as though he were a rude guest. “Are you trying to make a point? You’re probably trying to make a point. Use your words, Gav.”

He didn’t need to. He had everything he needed.

“Was just a joke,” said Hume. “Have us for dinner. Like Hannibal. You know.”

“Who?” asked Silvertooth, whose name was actually Caleb, but Hume never bothered much with real names.

“Never mind,” said Hume. Coraline was looking at Hume pointedly. Then she looked at Silvertooth warily.

“We should be going,” she said, and tugged Hume’s coat to get him to head for the exit.

“Sure you don’t want to stay for a bite?” Sivertooth asked. “I just cooked up some fresh sausage.”

“We’re sure!” said Coraline, all but shoving Hume through the living room. She looked green in the face.

“We should–” said Hume, but Coraline didn’t want to hear it.

“Hope to see you soon!” Silvertooth called from his rocking chair.

Hume and Coraline made it through the door and out into the street. Coraline gave Hume a shove, then shuddered violently.

“Why didn’t you tell me the killer was a cannibal!”

“I didn’t know,” said Hume. “At least, not for sure until the dinner comment.”

“Can’t believe I didn’t notice,” Coraline muttered.

“You gotta pay close attention to dialogue if you want to be a meta detective,” Hume said, patting his understudy on her head so her newsboy cap covered her eyes. She hated that. Only seven years younger–at least, her character was, compared to his–and he treated her like a baby.

“Let’s just go tell the protagonist who the killer is and get back to the Library,” said Coraline, rearranging her hat. “Hell if I’m dealing with any cannibals today. That’s where I draw the line.”

“Not at vampires or demons, but cannibals?”

Charming cannibals. Eugh. Never again.”

“You never know in this business,” said the meta detective. “One day it’s a musical, the next it’s a cannibal holocaust. That’s the price of a Library card, kiddo.”

“Don’t call me kiddo. I’m done. I’m retiring.”

“The next story might have beefcake superheroes.”

Coraline considered this.

“I’ll retire after that one,” she said. Then they helped the protagonist of the story get her happily ever after.



Today’s three prompt categories were, “Meta detective,” “Cannibalism,” and, “Silver tooth.”

Cannibals are never very sneaky. Watch any episode of Hannibal and he basically confesses through puns like a hundred times a second.

– H.

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