Day 103: The Jolt vs. The Freckled Prankster

The Jolt found Freckles in the Whistling Kettle after the last prank. The patrons turned and stared at The Jolt’s costume–a combination jogging track suit and makeshift super suit–but most of them knew who she was. They returned to their meals. Freckles didn’t look up from his danish.

A citizen’s arrest here would be bad for the diner, especially if there was a fight. So The Jolt thought she’d try diplomacy  instead. She approached Freckles’s table and sat down across from him. He wasn’t sitting with anyone else.

When he spotted The Jolt, he laughed  at her costume, dropped his danish, picked his phone off the table with his sticky fingers, and held it up to The Jolt’s face. She swiped it out of his hand and dropped it in his cup of coffee.

Oh right, she thought. Diplomacy.

“Christ!” Freckles said.

“Whoops,” she said. “I just wanted to look at it. I’ve been thinking of getting an iPhone.”

“You wrecked my phone!” Freckles hissed, trying to pluck it from his coffee without burning his fingers.

“Looked like an accident to me,” said the elderly waitress, who had just arrived. “I’ll get you some napkins and a new coffee. And for you?”

“Coffee,” said The Jolt to her grandmother, suppressing a smile. Freckles fumed.

“Totally wrecked,” he muttered. The waitress winked at her granddaughter and walked away.

“Guess you can’t keep filming those vines,” said The Jolt. “That’s a shame.”

Freckles scowled at her, coffee dripping from his phone. “They’re just pranks.”

“They’re harassment. You’re humiliating people–sometimes assaulting them–and putting it online without their permission.”

“For laughs. I’m not a supervillain, lady. They’re becoming famous. They should lighten up.”

“They’re getting insulted online. Threatened, sometimes, because of your so-called ‘pranks.’ Throwing eggs at people, pretending to rob them at gunpoint, vandalizing their homes and filming their reaction. It’s not funny. It’s sick.”

“It’s funny. Have you seen the number of views I get?”

The waitress returned, pouring a fresh cup of coffee for Freckles and The Jolt. She also dropped off a stack of napkins for the coffee Freckles spilled trying to get his phone back.

“You’re going to take the videos down,” said The Jolt, sipping her coffee. “And you’re going to apologize to the people of Hooper Street. No more pranks, kid.”

“I don’t think so.”

The Jolt sighed. “You see that big guy sitting over there? That’s Officer Danton. He’s off-duty–he likes to come in for danishes, just like you. And when I show him your videos–which are readily-available online–and press charges against you, you’re going to be fined a lot of money. Replacing your phone might not happen for a while.”

Freckles glanced at Officer Danton, who was chatting with his wife.

“I’ll delete the videos,” he said.

“Good boy,” said The Jolt.

Freckles tightened his lips. He put his phone away, got up, and walked out the store without paying. The Jolt knew he was going home to delete his videos–the evidence. Thankfully, The Jolt downloaded them all first. What was it with the social media generation of criminals that they had to post all their crimes online?



Today’s three prompt categories were, “The Jolt,” “Freckles,” and, “Over coffee.”

It’s just a prank, bro.

– H.


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