Day 100: They Came from Beneath

When the truth came out that the government was lying about the Frontier program, the Islanders protested. It would be revolution soon.

Marina didn’t know where she stood. On the one hand, humanity would have died out generations ago if not for the strict order of the Arc guiding it. But on the other, Father Kelvin lied to give false hope that there was an ongoing search for new lands. This caused people to wonder what else they were being lied to about.

A gathering of protesters littered the Arc-facing north beach. The natural island just beneath the manmade floating city. The Overwatch stood on the high edge of the Arc platform, looking down at the Islanders. They had their tear-gas launchers slung over their shoulders, but present. The population couldn’t afford to be thinned, so lethal force was never permitted. So far.

“The truth is,” shouted Father Kelvin, dressed in his ostentatious blue robes, flanked on all sides by armoured Overwatch, “we didn’t have the resources for the Frontier program.”

The Islanders exploded in rage. Many of them were working to provide for the Frontier ships–the Lewis and the Clark, which were supposedly searching for other islands out there in the infinite sea. How could they not have resources? What were they doing with the supplies the Islanders gave them?

Someone hurled a stone. A few others followed. Of course, they were unable to reach the high platform of the Arc, but that didn’t stop the Overwatch from unslinging their gas launchers.

But they didn’t have to use them.

Someone disappeared, splash, into the ocean. Then another, with a scream, lost in the roar of the protest. Then a couple more. Finally, the Islanders saw the fishbelly-white hands reaching out of the water and grabbing a child, pulling the girl out of sight.

The Atlanteans were here.

Marina didn’t wait. While all the Islanders ran south, she dove into the water. She had been training for this fight for months. And yet, one thought bothered her.

It was an awfully convenient time for the government that this attack would happen now.



Today’s three random prompt categories were, “The worst thing to say,” “A political protest,” and,  “Water world.”

Not the Kevin Costner movie.

Also, 100 days straight of prompts! Here’s to 100 more! And 165 after that!

– H.

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