Day 99: The Last Lightbringer

The Lighthouse was abandoned, and the sun was shining. The lightbringers had all moved on after the last attack, and the darkseekers slept their days away in the Nighthouse without fear of danger for once, for once. The dark had won.

And yet, the sun was shining.

The last lightbringer sat on the bench on the opposite side of the inlet as the Lighthouse. He could just barely see the tower, a blue shadow in the distance, like a mountain. That bright, joyful place–the place where he said his last goodbye.

He plucked a strand of daylight from the sky and sharpened it with his will. He sharpened it, and sharpened it, shaving it to its essential core. It floated in front of him, like a spark, like a falling star, like a fang. It fitted around his canine comfortably. He plucked another strand of light and did the same.

Then he entered the Nighthouse.

The first darkseeker was asleep when the teeth sunk in. From the inside out, the darkseeker lit up like a firefly, all burning light within, until it vanished. A shadow burnt out by the sun.

When the vampire opened his mouth, you could see down his throat, for his teeth shone fiercely in the blackness of the Nighthouse. And the darkseekers, no longer asleep, stumbled blind and afraid at the embers of fanged light approaching them. They almost forgot how to fight, it had been so long. The lightbringers were gone. Weren’t they?

Another darkseeker bit, wasted away. All they could see was a flash of light, and then an absence of darkness where their companion once was.

After the third darkseeker went away, the remaining ones gathered darkness and hardened it, sharpened it to blades of black.

But the vampire was gone.

Whisperings of the vampire turned to hesitant rumour over time. That was when the next strike took place. Two, three darkseekers at a time. Always in the day. For the last lightbringer had said his goodbye to the light. And from now on, he would feed on the creatures of the night.



Today’s three prompts were, “An abandoned lighthouse on a sunny, sunny day.” “Vampire,” and, “One final goodbye.”

One of the only times I’m going to have a vampire in my stories. I promise.

– H.

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