Day 81: Undershroom

Battle school wasn’t all battle. There were a lot of factors that could lead to victory beyond simply overpowering an opponent. Today’s lesson had to do with finding medicinal mushrooms from which to make healing potions, or to at least chew up and rub onto wounds in a pinch. Survivalism class wasn’t always as exciting as some of the other options, but it was undoubtedly essential.

Yuma Blackfeather was the teacher–an aging frontiersman with silver streaks in the beard and hard edges at every corner. He often mixed the groups, to get students used to having to work with foreigners or mercenaries or simply to learn how other races and cultures think differently, but today he separated students like to like. Which meant the three dwarves in the class were teamed up.

Blackfeather barely finished separating the groups when Dorin, the oldest dwarvish student, swept his stubby arm in a “follow me, lads” gesture, and sprinted off into the forest. Norris and Thoryu followed without missing a beat.

Norris had the best eyes, so he was the spotter. He shouted the locations of the mushrooms, which Dorin and Thoryu peeked delicately under. Dorin had to tuck his beard into his gambeson to keep it from sweeping the mushrooms and potentially spooking the fairies. Thoryu had a shorter beard, but took no chances, choosing to cover every mushroom with a glass bottle to keep any fairies from escaping, before looking under the mushroom head.

The trouble with fairies was that if they were ever discovered, they would go invisible immediately. This made it hard to find the right mushrooms, since fairies only tucked themselves inside healing shrooms, and without knowing if a mushroom was the home of a fairy, one couldn’t know if the mushroom was a healing agent.

Much to the other students’ surprise, the three dwarves managed to bring back the most mushrooms–often, thanks to Thoryu, with fairies captured along with them. Sadly, they were disqualified from the contest. The fairy students complained.

Today’s three random prompt categories were, “Looking under mushrooms for fairies,” “Dwarves!” and, “Battle school.”

I’m always a sucker for battle schools. And dwarves.

– H.

2 thoughts on “Day 81: Undershroom

    • Thanks! I’d really recommend giving it a try. Forcing myself to write every day with a 15 minute timer has made me feel more creative and has allowed me to explore weird ideas I’d never think of trying in a serious short story or novel. Good luck!

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