Day 80: Selfish Santa

What if I don’t want to walk
in a winter wonderland?
What if I want to fly
above the clouds and the snow
where I could watch it all fall
shimmering in the nightlights of
skyscraper overtime.

And if I swooped beneath
the clouds
I’d be
a soaring snowman
collecting skysleet camouflage
tobogganing on hills of wind
alive as I could be.

Imagine all the snowflakes
I could catch on my tongue.
Imagine the snowballs
hurled like hailstorms
from this laughing man in the sky.
You never see Superman do these things.

A selfish Santa Claus
on Christmas Eve
with no presents
or deer.
Just an open sky
where the snow hasn’t settled

That’s where I want to be.
The snowflakes and the stars.
Looking down on shoppers
and Christmas stress.
Floating in a winter

Today’s three prompt categories were, “Written as a poem, “Winter wonderland,” and, “Human flight.”

Been a while since I’ve done any poetry. It probably shows.

Winter is basically over. I’m starting to miss it.

– H.

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