Day 78: Sweat and/or Tears

Job discovered the Worldmind when he was very young, and it had a strong effect on him. He was always a unique child. Due to suffering from a rare skin disorder that caused him to perspire only through his eyes (yes, like tears instead of bodily sweat), he rarely spent time outside, and especially refused to participate in physical activities with the other children. He was a book boy. A brain child.

Maybe it was this reason that caused his psychic gifts to manifest early. Whatever the case, he found himself daydreaming away from his physical form, and into the shared memories of humanity. An ever-shifting, mutable world, like a virtual reality for Job to explore. It wasn’t until he began meeting other psychics in this place that he realized it wasn’t his own imagination.

They explained that it was the Worldmind, a recreated psychic world formed by the memories of every living human. Even Job. Job’s bedroom, for example, only existed as detailed as it was in the Worldmind because Job lived in that bedroom. He memorized it. If no one entered that room, it would be an empty hole in the Worldmind. And there were plenty other memories Job contributed as well.

A strange concept for anyone to grasp. But for the impressionable Job, not yet in middle school, it was a frightening thought. Being connected to all other minds. With other psychics who could live what he remembered. See echoes of his thoughts.

That was when he tried to stop thinking. It didn’t work, of course. Every thought led to Job worrying that he was being watched, followed. That he could have no secrets from anyone, psychic or not.

So Job ran. He wanted to find those places in the Worldmind that had no map, no memories. A place away from humanity, to break the tether that connected his mind to all others.

But he couldn’t run far. Running made him sweat. Sweating made him cry. His neighbours saw him as a weeping child running away from home. They couldn’t read his mind.



Today’s three prompt categories were, “Worldmind,” “The Truman Show delusion,” and, “Can only sweat through tears.”

A pretty eclectic mix today. But interesting. Poor kid.

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