Day 66: Illuminating the Truth

The power to bend, stretch, and harden light made the lightbringers powerful in many unforeseen ways. Darkseekers found themselves terrified that a lightbringer could be bending light around him or herself, making his or her body invisible, ready to strike at any moment. This, coupled with lightbringers wielding blades of hardened light, or solidifying the light of a street lamp to send it hurtling down on an enemy, or even tossing flares and flashbangs as tools to strip away darkness like flesh from a darkseeker’s bones. But they never considered a lightbringer who could accelerate light.

One lightbringer had such an ability. Gideon, a young lightbringer closely guarded for his power. He could send flashes as signals to an earlier time, for the lighthouse to decipher. Not time travel in person, but time travel of information.

Gideon sent warnings to fellow lightbringers about darkseeker ambushes, causing lightbringer reinforcements to show up and save the day as though from magic, simply because they were warned well before Gideon and his team even knew about the attack. A powerful ability. Dangerous in the wrong hands. Especially since Gideon was a talker.

A boy scout. A truth teller. And one who had to tell the whole truth. He sent needless details of information, sometimes mentioning bladder troubles or his attraction to a female–or male–team member. He simply had no filter. Sometimes the extra information was useful to the lightbringers. Mostly it wasn’t.

But to the darkseekers, all of it had its use. And once they learned how to intercept the backwards-traveling light–on its course to the lighthouse–they could counter Gideon’s intel. But they had to be wise about it. They couldn’t let on that they knew all the uncomfortable truths Gideon was spouting for fear of Gideon finding a different way to send the signals. So the darkseekers collected as much as they could, sacrificing teams of their own.

Until the time came to make their move on the lighthouse, they would wait. And, there in the shadows, they would listen to the light.



Today’s three random prompt categories were, “Time travel,” “The lighthouse and the nighthouse,” and, “A compulsive truth-teller.”

I’m going to try not to let the implications of faster-than-light information-sending in a wartime context rattle my brain all night. Try.

– H.

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