Day 64: To Sail Beneath the Stars

Captain Razo Corbeau needed new crew aboard the Revenant. That last battle with the Pangean skyship, the Honey Bear, led to some … downsizing. Problem was, the Revenant, for all intents and purposes, was a pirate ship. Only Razo and his crew–and their Allied overlords–knew different.

So. Razo had to hire at least a dozen capable skymen without telling them that the famous Revenant would be their new home. And once they found out? He didn’t want to hire pirates. He didn’t even want to hire privateers. The Revenant was a pioneering vessel. To discover new islands, new territories, new peoples. Just because inter-island laws meant they had to do their information-gathering in secret, that didn’t make them criminals.

Tough job, being a corsair. A job that doesn’t officially exist. How do you hire for something like that? His employers–the Terran government–wouldn’t help. Can’t be too involved. All they would do is shake their heads at Razo’s decisions–whatever they were. Especially if he hired non-terran crew. Hoo boy. That always riled them up.

So, of course, he sought non-terrans. And probably the least-favoured Allied race to boot.

Pyrians were nocturnal, omnisexual, and pale as moonlight. Three things that creeped any conservative terran out.

After docking at Pyria, one of the latest sky-level islands (and cultures) to be annexed into the Allied Islands, Razo told the crew to keep an eye on the Rev. Not that they needed to. It was the middle of the day. Most pyrians were asleep.

Pyria had a bizarre shape for an island. Almost like a caved-in egg. Sun rarely illuminated the core of the island, flanked on all sides by mountain and forest. Only when the sun was at the top of the sky would it peak through. This meant that Pyria was cold, but not so cold as to be frozen, like some of the southern islands. The bowl-like shape of the landmass retained rainwater and mountain snowmelt well, rather than dumping it off the island’s edges. The perfect place for a society to evolve.

It took a long time of winding through treebranch-crossed rope bridges, making his way past the docking area into tree-shaded areas of the island. But eventually Razo found the nearest tavern to the docks.

He said he needed night crew for his vessel. They could spend the daylight in the inner decks of the ship. He didn’t have to tell them what kind of work he was in, once he mentioned he was the captain of a skyship. They just wanted to be closer to the stars.



Today’s three random prompt categories were, “Job hunting,” “Sky pirates,” and, “Honey bear.”

Another little world I made up a while back but never did much with. These prompts have been a good opportunity for me to explore some long-lost ideas.

– H.

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