Day 21: The Jolt vs. the Dog-Walker

The Jolt did her usual run. Up and down the neighbourhood block she dashed, waving to dog-walkers as she sped by. There were a lot of dogs out today. She counted them after the first couple laps, trying to remember the breeds and the owners.

On one particular pass, she could have sworn that one of the dog-walkers was now walking with an extra dog. She must have miscounted, she reasoned. The man walking the dogs (four of them) looked her up and down as she approached. He appeared to be appreciating her tight bodysuit, or maybe he was amused by her costume because she didn’t recognize him as part of the neighbourhood and thus he must not have known about her. Even so, unfamiliar dog-walkers often came through because it was a lovely street. So she kept running.

She looked over her shoulder as she passed the man. He was still watching her, no doubt examining just how tight the suit was. She shot him a warning glare. His expression never changed–still he smiled a little too wide–but he turned his head around.

On the next lap, she saw the man again, except he had five dogs with him. This time, The Jolt stopped. She hated having to stop.

“Where did you get that fifth dog?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” said the man, smile smile. “I’m a dog-walker. I walk the neighbourhood dogs. I just collected this one. Mitsy’s her name.”

The Jolt looked down at Mitsy, a little lhasa apso. Mitsy slapped the man’s leg with her tail. The Jolt thought she recognized the dog. Maybe it was because she had seen it being walked in the past. It was a neighbourhood dog, after all. Still, she didn’t remember a dog named Mitsy.

“I see,” The Jolt said. “Have a lovely day.”

The man looked as though he wanted to ask a question. Probably why The Jolt was wearing a superhero outfit. She didn’t care to answer him–he creeped her out a little–so she kept running.

And came upon an old woman with two lhasa apsos, looking confusedly around. The Jolt asked her what was wrong. The old woman said she was looking for her third dog, Cocoa. The Jolt asked her if she’d seen a man matching the dog-walker’s description. The woman said that man passed her by–a little too close to her little ones.

When The Jolt confronted the dog-walker again, he was walking seven dogs. It was time to protect the block.



The three prompts for today were: “A kleptomaniac,” “Your neighbourhood block,” and “A crimefighter.”

I invented the superhero “The Jolt” when I was a kid, probably back when I was drinking Jolt Cola. Jolt was a speedster, but I like the idea of a jogger putting on a mask and stopping minor crimes in her block. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll probably use this character in another prompt down the road.

– H.


5 thoughts on “Day 21: The Jolt vs. the Dog-Walker

    • Haha, no worries. I made all the prompt categories myself, and I just randomize them, though I’m running out. If you’ve got any prompt ideas, I’ll add ’em to the list. 🙂

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