Day 18: Catland

An abandoned amusement park. Jude just couldn’t resist.

It wasn’t about the thrill (well, maybe a little) or some juvenile double-dare, but the experience. The aesthetic. The sheer atmosphere of it. Jude never thought she’d want to write anything that would take place in an abandoned amusement park, but when her photographer friend told her about the place she had to see it for herself.

She wasn’t planning on seeing it while the sun was down, but the road trip wound up taking longer than expected. Plus she stopped every so often to pop into roadside diners to try out their pie. She loved roadside diner pie. But who didn’t?

It wasn’t quite nightfall when she arrived, but it was getting close. The sun was on its way down, pinkening the sky and throwing gnarled shadows of evergreens across the road. The park itself was gated, but Jude was more than happy to climb it for a good story setting.

It was fall, so she landed on leaves when she jumped down. The crunch echoed throughout the park. Rusted rides creaked as the wind pushed them. Swings and stainless steel animals were covered in grime and trash collected in the corners of places. Cats were everywhere. Cats and leaves.

Jude hadn’t expected to see so much movement. Between the wind and the stray cats and the whirling leaves and the rolling trash the park seemed alive.

Naturally, she had to visit the haunted house.

She couldn’t help thinking that by entering the house the door would slam shut behind her and lock her in with whatever psychopath was now living here. The screaming door hinge didn’t help.

It was almost pitch-black inside. Puppet zombies and demons and mummies hung limply from various trap doors on the walls. She half-expected some of the electronics to continue working, but none of them did. Everything was silent except for a strange rumble. A rolling, almost angry-sounding thing, like a giant’s empty stomach.

Figuring she was quite done with the house, she turned to leave, but stepped on something that jerked away with a screech. She felt a slash at her ankles and realized the sound she heard before was a snoring cat.

No. Snoring cats.

The walls and corners seemed to come alive, moving and writhing and sliding in semi-obscure darkness. A hundred eyes shone, and the snoring stopped.



Today’s three hat trick prompts were: “A spooky amusement park,” “A snoring cat,” and “Irresistible temptation.”

The irresistible temptation could be the amusement park or the roadside diner pie. I’ll let you decide.

God damn I want some pie right now.

– H.

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