Day 15: Office Cockroaches

“Did you see Jeff’s bolo tie?”

“What’s a bolo tie?”

“That thing hanging from his neck. Look.”

“Looks like shoelaces.”

“That’s part of it. But look at the top, just under his throat.”

“Is that, like, a broach?”

“It’s an ornament. It’s what ties the bolo together, or whatever.”

“It looks like a cockroach.”

“It is a cockroach.”



“It is! It looks like it’s chewing his dang throat. Euch. Why would he wear something like that?”

“It’s awfully fitting, isn’t it? For Jeff?”

“He’s not that bad.”

“Haven’t you heard about him and Sue?”

“I bet you’re going to tell me.”

“You should know. I seen the way he smiles at you.”

“Oh, please.”

“Used to smile like that at Sue. I’m tellin’ ya. Ever see them so much as give each other a look now? They used to always sit at the same table, now look at ’em. Go ‘wan.”

“So they’re not sitting together anymore. So what?”

“Darlin’, they’re sitting on the opp’site ends of the Earth. You bet your hide she don’t wanna be working here another gosh-darn second.”

“Okay, fine. What happened?”

“What ever happens? He’s a cockroach. Dug in real deep to all Sue’s dark places.”

“Lordy. Will you keep it down?”

“That’s not all. Word round the office is he laid a few eggs up in that dank basement.”

“You’ve been watching too much of that TV show.”

“S’true. Why you think she took two weeks off? Had to hire an exterminator, if you catch my meaning.”

“Nobody in the world don’t catch your meaning.”

“Just a suitable tie. That’s all I’m saying.”



Today’s prompts were: “A bolo tie,” “The latest, hottest gossip,” and “A cockroach.”

My last prompt of the year! Logically, I should have started this whole enterprise tomorrow, but I’m far too impatient for resolutions. Happy New Year, Reader. I’ll see you tomorrow.

– H.

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