Day 12: This Little Light

“Aww, are you cold?” said Jig, untwisting a bottle of Jack. “Have a drink, old sport. It’ll warm you up.”

Then she splashed half the bottle of whiskey all over the kneeling man. He shook his head like a wet dog and cursed. Jig took a swig of the remaining Jack. Then handed it to Wedge. Wedge rolled his eyes at Jig and took a swig.

“I’ll pay you guys!” the bound man wheezed. He was still shaking his head, blinking through the whiskey in his eyes. “Fuckin’ name it, I’ll pay ya double.”

“Double, he said?” said Jig. She took the bottle back. “Double shot, coming right up, mate.” She poured the rest all over him. Tossed the bottle in the hole. She turned to Wedge and said, “It would be funny if we shot him twice, just now. Double shot, double pun.”

Wedge took a drag of his smoke.

“Anything ya want,” the man wept, there on his knees in front of the pit.

“Could use a smoke,” said Jig. Wedge gave her the spare he had behind his ear. “And a light.” She winked at the soaked man. Wedge gave her his lighter.

“Please. Please, fuckin’ please.”

Jig knelt and held the cig to her lips and flipped open the lighter. The man bent back a bit to get his face away from the lighter but he couldn’t go far without falling into the hole.

“Please. I wanna live.”

“What’s so great about living?” asked Jig. She lit the lighter, let the flame hang for a while before pressing the tip of her cigarette to it. “Would you say you have a burning passion for life?” She took a drag, but didn’t close the lighter. The flames made the whiskey on the man’s face shine. It made her start singing, This Little Light of Mine.

“Jig,” said Wedge.

“Just having a spot of fun. Hey, old sport. It’s probably obvious, but Fontaine wanted us to tell you…”

Wedge booted the man into the pit. Flicked his cigarette in.

“You’re fired,” he said.



Today’s three prompts were, “Something or someone is on fire,” “As punny as possible,” and “A hiding place.”

I probably could have made it more punny. Surely there are a million more “You’re on fire!” puns I could have thrown in, but I was enjoying the atmosphere.

– H.

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