Day 8: The Daily Middle

Saturday, January 13, 3441 S.A.



It seems our supposed victory over the Dark Lord was short-lived. Yesterday, Prince Isildur and Elrond Halfelven ascended to the peak of Mount Doom with the intention of destroying the One Ring, that is, the source of Sauron’s evil. Men and elves alike were promised a swift end to the conflict between the dark powers, as though a wave of light would sweep them all away upon the Ring’s destruction. We are still waiting for that light.

Eyewitnesses spotted Isildur exiting the entrance to Mount Doom without Elrond. The Daily Middle asked for an interview, but were bashed in the head by a guardsman’s shield. Isildur and his guardsmen have been seen travelling the road to Gondor.

Elrond denied to comment, saying only that the “Strength of men has failed.” The Middle can only speculate as to the meaning of this cryptic statement, but we are forced to question how much longer the alliance between men and elves will last.

The One Ring has long been the precious source of power for the Dark Lord until Isildur severed it from Sauron’s hand. Will Gondor attempt to use the Ring to become the seat of power in Middle-Earth? Does its evil affect the minds of kings? Could it not be destroyed by the fires of Mount Doom? Only time will tell.



Today’s prompt categories were, “A ring,” “Something you should throw away but can’t,” and “Today’s front page.”

With a hat trick like that, how could I not make this a Lord of the Rings story? This is my first piece of fan fiction in over a decade. Most of it comes from my memory of the movies, and a very quick Google search about the year of Isildur cutting the Ring from Sauron’s hand.

I should read those books again.

– H.

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