Day 7: You Only Die Twice

“We shouldn’t have done this.”

Jed wasn’t listening. He was watching Bob.

“Mr. Twine. I know you paid me to… to have this done, but I didn’t expect it would work. I worked on a theory and it succeeded. No one is more surprised than me. But this is not natural. Mr. Twine, I believe science is a natural thing, that anything achievable by man is natural, but he is not natural. Whatever I did wasn’t science. There was deviltry involved. Somewhere in the process, through no intention of mine, there was–”

“Thank you, doctor,” said Jed. “Please. I’d like to be left alone with the subject.”

“I can’t–I don’t think–”

Jed nodded to his man. Wilfred nodded back, and stepped toward Dr. Victor, who recoiled and backed out of the office.

“Thank you, Wilfred. Now, would you kindly stand outside for a few moments while I speak to my old friend?”

Wilfred’s bulldog face expressed concern, but he did what he was told.

Jed unlocked the sealed door and stepped into Bob’s containment room. Bob, sitting in his chair, pale as death, looked up with empty eyes.

“Do you remember me, Bob?”

Bob said nothing. No recognition, no change in emotion. A poker player even in undeath.

“Say something, Bob.”

Not even a blink. He had been resurrected as a statue. A gargoyle, with that mug. It infuriated Jed, even now.

“I’m going to give you the chance to speak in your defence. A cheater does not deserve such courtesy, but I know you’ve been through a rather trying ordeal already, so I’ll be generous.”


Jed rolled up his shirtsleeves. “In fact,” he said, “you cheated me twice. Once when you stole my money. Insulting enough, especially as godson behaviour, but I got the money back, sure enough. Most of it paid for your operation, in fact. But when you chose to hang yourself rather than face up to me–that was a cheat I couldn’t abide.”

Bob’s head slowly lowered, as though the weight of it on his mangled neck was unbearable. But his blind eyes remained fixed.

“I got my money. Now I’m going to take the other thing you cheated from me.”

And Jed was upon him. Mashing knuckle into nose, teeth, neck. And Bob fought back with a brittle strength. He was not so still in this fight. But he was rotted, petrified.

His second life did not last.



The three prompts for today were, “A mute,” “Bringing someone back from the dead,” and “A fight scene.”

The fight scene in question was admittedly rushed at the literal last minute. But I had fun with this one. I apologize that I couldn’t come up with a better name for the mad scientist than “Dr. Victor.” 15 minutes isn’t a lot of time for character naming, I’ll have you know!

– H.

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