Day 3: Miracle Drug

“Today’s gods exist in the smallest capsules. Divinity, miracles, heaven–consumed in a gulp.

“Where will this pill take you? What will it do? What chemistry is it altering that can make you become what the Greeks and the Egyptians built statues for? Why is it that the government would make this little red pill illegal when it could change the world?

“It’s not about being high. It’s about being taken higher. If the government or the cops or anyone else tries to tell you anything less than that, they’re lying or they’ve never tried it.”

Jennifer tried to reach for the pill, but the dealer pulled his gloved hand back an inch. The dealer smiled. Jen wheeled forward a little, but the dealer stepped back.

“Godhood cannot so easily be achieved,” said the man. “I have no doubt that you’ve earned this. That you’re worthy. All the others you hear about–they weren’t worthy. They were looking for a score, and they faced the consequences. These pills are little gods and goddesses, and they choose who is worthy of salvation and damnation. I think you know which you’re worthy of.”

“Will it give me back my leg?” Jen asked.

“It will give you a new leg. You won’t want the old one.”

“I want my leg back.”

The dealer shrugged. “A miracle’s a miracle. Just pop it, wash it down, and ask.” He shook the pill bottle in his other hand. “Genie in a bottle.”

“I thought you said they were gods.”

“Gods, genies–what’s the difference? They’re miracle-makers. A thousand. One measly thousand, and you could get out of that godforsaken chair. That’s gotta be worth ten times that amount.”

Jen knew he was right. She would have paid more, even though she could barely afford the thousand she had. So she lifted the blanket on her lap and removed the stack of bills.

“I want the pill first.”

The dealer obliged with a smirk. It’s not like she could run away. Not yet…

He handed her the red pill, and she transferred it to her mouth. Swallowed without water.

It took a moment, but it moved. It whirred and twitched, but it moved. She bent her knee.

Then she stood.




Today’s three hat trick categories were: “A modern god(dess),” “The red pill,” and “Your favourite body part.”

I had meant to imply that she had a bionic leg, but I don’t think that came through before the 15 minutes was up. Oh well. Hope you dug it! See you for tomorrow’s prompt, dear Reader.

– H.

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