Struck by Fate

I heard a story on the radio about a couple who were going for a walk and were struck by lightning. However, since they were holding hands, the lightning flashed into the top of the man’s head, then came along his arm to the woman, where it slid down off her foot into the ground. They both lived, largely because the lightning managed to spread and disperse after having traveled from one lover to the other. In essence, holding hands saved their lives. They are the lightning-struck lovers, and, as the radio host informed me, they are still happily together.

I wondered, what if they stop loving each other? Are they allowed to break up now? The story isn’t worth a damn if it ends with, “Yeah, they eventually broke up, but still–pretty cool.” Nobody in the world has probably heard about these two except through the lightning story. It’s who they are.

What a sad life. Bound forever by an errant bolt of electricity. Forced to stay together for a pretty story. An inescapable Greek myth.

It must be strange to have your fate narrated again and again by strangers.  I guess that’s how fictional characters must feel.

– H.

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