Let’s Be Rich and Adventurous

You and me, Reader. Together, we can accomplish anything. Let’s make our dreams a reality–show the world the wonders of our minds. All those ideas, we’ll share them with the masses and they’ll love us for it. They’ll make us millionaires. We’ll usher whole new ways of thinking and be set for life.

There’s so much out there to see and do. Let’s just do it. Run away, make friends in every town, have countless unique experiences that will bolster our creativity. How many secret opportunities exist that we only have to reach out and take? We’ll snatch them, one by one, like climbing a rope tied of dozens of bedsheets, and together we’ll escape from this confined place. Can we really just sit in one tiny pinprick of the world for decades? Planting roots like chains? No: we have minds. We have ideas. There’s more to us than a mortgage and a picket fence.

Out there. We’re mad. We’re dreamers! We’re romantics and fools. Yes we are. When we meet in the world, we’ll know each other–how could we not?–and smile and walk the earth side-by-side, like pilgrims, like knights-errant, like hobbits.

For us there will be no dreams, and only dreams will remain.

– H.

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